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Elizabeth Elizabeth

Registered Dental Hygienist

The best part of my job is forming lasting relationships with my patients and having them attain optimum oral health. I have the opportunity, every working day, to treat people with the utmost care and empathy; it is rewarding to build trust with patients and have them tell me they’re looking forward to their next visit!

As a hygienist, I offer one-to-one patient care: I evaluate and document patients’ oral health, remove plaque, stains, and calculus deposits from teeth, and apply sealants and fluoride. While working with my patients, I teach them about oral hygiene strategies and good nutrition.

I’ve lived in Alaska for more than 15 years. My spouse and I have a daughter, two sons, and a fur baby: a kitten named Mitten. We enjoy the great outdoors: camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and most adventures the state offers. Personally, I enjoy gardening, feeding the birds, and traveling. I also like volunteering in the community throughout the year.

Melissa Melissa

Registered Dental Hygienist

I love getting to know my patients while educating them on oral and systemic health precautions. I feel people cannot address what they do not know, and it’s my job to teach them in ways they can understand so they can make healthy decisions. I appreciate the opportunity to develop connections with my patients, as we work together to improve their lives and their smiles!

My job, as a hygienist, is to provide professional, compassionate preventive dental care based on scientific evidence. In doing so, I help each patient improve their oral and overall wellness, which makes the person healthier and happier.

My husband, son, daughter, and I keep a very active lifestyle. Our long winters often include many evenings and weekends at hockey rinks. We make the best of our summers at the soccer fields, on camping trips, enjoying 4-wheeler rides, and fishing. We’re everyday Alaskans!

Reyhaun Reyhaun

Registered Dental Hygienist

I really enjoy helping people take control of their smile’s health. Seeing someone become excited about brushing and flossing makes me smile! It’s rewarding to be able to support and educate people and see them take what I offer to heart, to make real changes in their lives.

Working with patients, I take X-rays, clean their teeth, and teach each person about their dental concerns. Together, we identify areas where the patient can improve home oral hygiene routine and develop healthier habits. Seeing a clean, bright smile at a recall visit makes my day!

During my time off, I enjoy being with my three kids, granddaughter, and my furry kid. I like reading, watching movies, and making the most of the Alaskan summers.


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